Credits: PurpleBlackKiwi/J. P. Savard

by J. P. Savard

We are in 2034. Humanity has just perfected the EmDrive technology as well as the Alcubierre propulsion, allowing a vessel to move apropulsively and thus easily reach superluminum speeds. The era of space exploration has begun and humanity can then go outside its solar system in search of habitable planets and foreign worlds. Canada will then send its two most prominent astronauts to a small solar system, Gliese 581, about twenty light years away from Earth, in order to explore it. To boldly go where the hand of man has never set foot.

Zarmina is a story that combines comedy, science fiction and fantasy that takes place on a distant planet of the same name. Discover the adventures of Zarmina native Miyuki and her friend Daisuke as they encounter things and situations they have never seen before! They discover humans from the Earth, who knows what will happen? Will the two species get along? The answer in this online novel!

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2018/10/27 - Illustrated and revised ==>

Now illustrated and revised with sound and pictures. Have fun. The rest is still being written, no ETA other than « when you least expect it ».

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2018/08/08 - Reboot complete ==>

There you go, new website. I hope you like it. This time, a kind of webnovel updated like a webcomic. That I hope I will update more regularly.

Zarmina has changed shape many times during its development, many ideas abandoned and recycled. Last time it was a kind of webcomic at the MS Paint Adventures, but I was always terrible in drawing, I could not give you a quality product, so I changed the idea a bit. Why not some kind of visual novel? I wanted to give you an original product in an original format, but it's always hard to find one that works, that was not too ambitious and that I had the time and motivation to do.

Finally, I started to rewrite the project in the form of a standard novel. Less need to illustrate it, which was my original goal but was the thing that slowed me down, so I put that aside (but that does not mean there will be illustrations somewhere), and I can give a lot more details about the story in this form. It will also be easier to adapt it in another form later, who knows?

The first chapter is online, the first four chapters or so will be a rather direct adaptation of the script that I wrote for the first chapter of a visual novel, an audio series or something, you will probably recognize if you followed Zarmina version 1. 😁 The site is a little empty, but more stuff will come with the next chapters soon, on this, good reading!

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